CoolSculpting Alternatives

At Focal Point Salon & Spa, we offer a variety of alternatives to Coolsculpting, which include Kybella and the use of radio frequency heat technology to reduce cellulite. Both of these treatments are very effective in achieving body contouring.

More About Kybella

Some call it “the fat melting supershot,” because it dissolves the fat where injected. Kybella works by dissolving the membrane lining of fat cells, causing them to disintegrate into small molecules. The molecules are then gradually, but efficiently, expunged by the body’s own immune cells. This product has been approved by the FDA for under the chin. Kybella has been known to be used in many other areas of the body where fat has accumulated.

Radio Frequency Heat Technology

Think of having a hot stone massage where instead of simple relaxation, the results are cellulite smoothness and tighter skin. Focal Point has skilled technicians perform this treatment on arms, legs, abs, glutes, and intimate areas. The treatment takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, and the number of treatments varies based on the desired results.

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