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Focal Point Salon & Spa provides an environment where men can feel comfortable and relaxed. From a haircut, manscaping or eliminating a double chin, our goal is to meet the needs of every man. Focal Point Salon & Spa is conveniently located in Phoenix/North Scottsdale between Desert Ridge and Grayhawk.


Focal Point Salon & Spa expertise in Men’s hair cut goes beyond the normal cut.  Men get to experience the relaxing scalp massage in the Lather Lounge and a free follow up visit between appointments for the cut check.  The cut check is a quick 15 minute visit where the guests neck line and edges are trimmed to give you a fresh new look.

Prices start at $30.

Men have been conditioned for so long into believing that dying their hair is something they should be ashamed of, that they tend to sneak about in the pharmacy, buying Grecian 2000 and Just for Men without any real idea of what they should be doing, and then applying it on their own in the shower, with rubber gloves, by stealth.  The results are predictably awful and can be damaging to the hair.  Focal Point Salon & Spa uses professional grade products to produce a natural, long lasting color to the guests desires.

Prices start at $45+.

Skin Treatments

Your face plays the star role in how you outwardly express yourself. When deep furrows, frown lines, and a droopy brow start making you look aged or permanently unhappy, it may be time consider getting a little extra help. Focal Point Salon & Spa offers injectable treatments specifically for men. Maximizing on their understanding of facial structure and how to get a natural, masculine result, Focal Point Salon & Spa excels at men’s treatments.

If you’ve never considered laser hair reduction an option, it may be time to think again. Stop fighting back the tears while Helga rips out your hair with antiquated wax and strips or trying to shave those hard to reach parts. Laser hair reduction can be done anywhere on your body where hear grows. Laser hair reduction, especially with the new, high powered Venus Versa, is the way to go. The process is quick (15 minutes for small regions), there is no downtime and each time you will have less and less hair.

Prices range from $50 and up.

Your ancestors may have passed down their work ethic, knowledge and genetics, but if they also passed down to you a double chin, you might not be so thrilled with your inheritance. A double chin can undermine the strength and masculinity of the profile, instead aging and weighing down the appearance. Focal Point Salon & Spa has skilled aesthetic nurse injectors and estheticians who and correct this. The procedure is will take less than 1 hour and results in no downtime.

Prices range from $300 and up.

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