SEVEN Haircare

Best quality hair products to help rejuvenate your hair.

Why Focal Point partnered with SEVEN Haircare for exclusive salon products:

  1. Invest in Art. It’s in our DNA
    SEVEN is committed to giving artists the tools, inspiration, and support they need to create wearable masterpieces every day. The stylist at Focal Point Salon & Spa have spent many hours learning the science of the products and how each product can impact a guests hair health.
  2. Your hair is the most important thing you wear.
    SEVEN strive to cultivate beauty from the inside out, starting with healthy hair that celebrates the vibrant individuality of the person wearing it.
  3. What we do — and how we do it — matters.
    SEVEN is mindful of the powerful impact they can have–from changing the course of someone’s day to changing the world. This alignment with Focal Point’s mission is why the partnership is so powerful.
  4. Growth is essential, and the core of the haircare industry.
    As we journey to craft great hair together, SEVEN is committed to inspiring the personal, professional and artistic success of Focal Point and the clients they serve. SEVEN believes in cultivating curiosity, asking unlimited questions, making our highest contribution, and spreading ideas worth sharing.
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