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A continuous body-positive movement has taken social media by storm. Women everywhere are coming out and showing off their port-wine stains. While awareness and acceptance of this skin pigmentation condition have grown, you are allowed want to look for ways to feel more comfortable and beautiful in your own skin on your standards.

At Focal Point Salon & Spa in Phoenix, AZ, we offer extensive laser treatments for our guests with port-wine stains or other skin conditions using state-of-the-art medical technology and advancements.

What Are Port-Wine Stains?

Port-wine stains are vascular birthmarks that emerge from an anomalous development of blood vessels in the skin. They are uniform, purple or red marks on the skin that may thicken, darken and progress into a cobblestone-like appearance with time. Port-wine stains can diminish your morale, but we have the ADVA laser treatment that eradicates them, and in turn, boosts your self-confidence.

The vascular birthmark can develop anywhere but mostly on one side of the body. Around 65% of this type of birthmark develops on the head and neck. Those that grow on the upper part of the face may be associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome, glaucoma, or Klippel Trenaunay syndrome. Port-wine stains cannot disappear on their own but can be treated with laser therapy. We trust that every guest can boost their natural beauty with our gentle and effective treatments. 

How Do Lasers Work in Treating Port-Wine Stains?

Laser therapy is harmless, effective, and aims at abnormal blood vessels. Laser therapies can make the birthmarks less visible by shrinking the blood vessels in the birthmark and fading them. Port-wine stain treatments usually take 6–8-week intervals.

At Focal Point Salon & Spa, the laser therapy is completed within a few minutes per area. The high concentrations of light from the ADVA laser are effective on the head and neck. The red color soaks up the thin light beam from the laser in the blood vessels. 

Following the port-wine stain laser treatment, our guests can anticipate having some minimal redness for a couple of days and enjoy limited downtime, so you will be able to go about your normal routine. Port-wine stains can completely disappear in some guests, or the color gets significantly reduced in others. 





ADVA Port-Wine Stain Treatment in Phoenix

The ADVA is the only medical, solid-state laser globally that produces 589 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths. It is designed to become the laser modality of choice for medical doctors with its several FDA and CE cleared indicators-vascular abnormalities, warts, acne, and wrinkle reduction. ADVA CE 589 nm is ideal for port-wine stain treatment, hemangiomas, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, and others.   This treatment has minimal to no downtime and is virtually pain-free.  

Port-Wine Stain Treatment FAQ

You may have some questions, and we are happy to answer them. Some of our frequently asked questions we compiled on port-wine stain treatment from some of our guests in Phoenix, AZ. 

How Many Laser Treatments Will It Take to Treat My Port-Wine Stain?

Every port-wine stain birthmark reacts differently to a treatment. Its location also determines how long the treatment will take. Most areas will take 3-6 sessions for elimination. For a more in-depth answer to this question, consult the medical professional at Focal Point Salon & Spa.

Does Port-Wine Laser Treatment Hurt?

Adults typically to sit through the treatment without the assistance of any numbing creams.  An anesthetic cream can be  applied to the site if the guest prefers. The laser therapy only takes a few minutes per area

How Many Port-Wine Stain Treatments Will I Need?

To attain full results, you may need about 3-6 treatments. 

Achieve Clearer Skin with Focal Point Salon & Spa in Phoenix

At Focal Point Salon & Spa, we understand the importance you may have of improving your appearance. After all, no one was born with the gift of permanently perfect skin. 

We focus on creating a memorable experience for each guest and ensuring that every appointment has you looking the best version of yourself. Contact us to schedule a consultation for port-wine stain treatment in Phoenix today!

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