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AdvaTx Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne is not just a problem faced by teenagers. People of all ages can develop acne, not to mention the acne scars that remain. Acne that lasts into adulthood, or is always flaring up, can seriously damage ones’ self-esteem. Acne can cause pimples, redness, and/or even face or body scarring.

Everyone’s skin is different & thus everyone experiences different degrees of acne related issues. If you may have tried creams, washes, and/or exfoliation treatments, with little to no change, then it may be time to step it up a notch.

We have a range of treatment options available to help clear up acne & help get rid of unsightly acne scars. From acne laser treatments to photodynamic light treatments, the solutions at our disposal today can work transformative miracles to help you get back to a smooth & glowing complexion. The AdvaTx combines pure yellow & high-powered infrared laser energy to eliminate rosacea, acne, acne scars & undesired vascular abnormalities such as telangiectasia, hemangiomas & venous lakes, restoring the skin to a more youthful and healthy state. Focal Point’s mission is helping guests feel better about themselves; especially when it comes to combating acne & other skin facial problems.

With the advancement of technology and Focal Point’s continued pursuit of game-changing treatments, guests now have options that are not dependent on color of skin or exposure to the sun. After one or more laser treatment sessions, skin conditions could change dramatically, without a need for an oral or topical medication. Keep reading to learn how lasers can help with acne symptoms.

Acne Treatments Available

  • Deep pore cleansing by medical grade products
  • Acne & blackhead extractions
  • Medical grade chemical peels
  • AdvaTX Laser which can treat all skin types with most seeing significant improvements in little as 2 to 4 treatments
  • RF, or Radio Frequency, Microneedling treatment is exceptional in helping to remove acne scarring
  • Advanced Intense Red & Blue light therapy may reduce acne to some degree, but is most often best combined with other treatments

Acne 2 B&A

Acne 1 B&A

Laser away your skin irritation

While extra skin oils & clogged pores create the necessary conditions for an acne outbreak, these factors aren’t the whole story. The inflammation that causes pimples, including blackheads & whiteheads, to form occurs due to harmful bacteria living on the skin.

To target stubborn acne breakouts, stop worrying about how oily your skin is, & focus on getting rid of bacteria on the skin’s surface. At Focal Point, our safe, gentle, & effective cosmetic lasers can eliminate harmful bacteria without harming your skin. We offer the latest laser technology system, AdvaTx, to give you great results without many side effects.

Unlike topical acne treatments, laser stimulation can reach deeper into the skin’s layers to eliminate harmful bacteria, effectively resolving most current acne problems. You might additionally find that the skin produces less excess oil after cosmetic laser treatments, also helping to prevent future acne outbreaks.

After a cosmetic laser treatment session, you might notice some mild redness and/or irritation for a few days. Always protect skin from sunlight & harsh chemicals until reactions subside. Depending on your skin condition, you may benefit from multiple treatment sessions, spaced out to let your skin completely recover.

Fill in acne scarring with laser stimulation

In addition to providing relief for a variety of acne conditions, including cystic acne & acne outbreaks, AdvaTx laser treatments are effective for addressing unsightly acne-related scarring, as well.

Picking at or popping pimples often times will form scars where the skin has been broken. These scars can last long after your acne struggles are resolved. If you have acne-related scarring from past breakouts, Focal Point’s laser treatments are sure to help.

The AdvaTx use a combination of high powered yellow & infrared laser energy to improve skin tone, texture and overall dermal health by targeting the vascular components of melasma, dyschromia, sun damage and unwanted pigment while simultaneously reducing wrinkles, limiting oil production & shrinking pore size, which all help with the appearance of acne scarring.

Cosmetic laser treatment stimulates your skin to produce greater amounts of the protein collagen. Collagen levels will be on the rise for several weeks following each treatment session & the skin will noticeably gain fullness and firmness. You can watch as the depressions and pits left behind by acne scars start to fill in & smooth out. Multiple treatment sessions may be required to completely restore the surface of the skin or to get to desired results.

One of the many benefits of the AdvaTx treatments is the relative ease that our guests experience when it comes to downtime. Depending on the extent of the procedure, which could take anywhere from 45min-90mins, it is relatively painless, most are able to return to work or other daily activities immediately after. Returning to the clinic approximately every 4 weeks for multiple treatments will help to achieve desired results. One of our medical providers will be able to discuss this, as well as other components of your treatment during consultation.

Skin Medical Grade Products

Our exclusive, medical-grade products are an important part of any acne treatment program. The combination of in-office therapies and skin products deliver results for all skin types and severities. Products are carefully selected for each guest and our staff will take the time to inform you of the process of how to care for your skin at home after treatment.

To learn more about how Focal Point’s laser treatment could help with acne, schedule a consultation with one of our medical experts. Scheduling your initial consultation appointment may be done online, or by calling or texting us at 480.563.9966. Let us help achieve beautiful glowing skin!

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