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Did you know that underneath your dry, dull, wrinkled, and acne-prone skin is a gorgeously glowing complexion just waiting to be revealed? With help from one of the innovative chemical peel treatments from Focal Point Salon & Spa, you can eliminate the tired, blemished appearance of your old skin and reveal your best and brightest self. Focal Point Salon & Spa is your first choice for chemical peels in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the rest of the valley, giving our guests wow-worthy results and a lifetime of incredible skin.

Because our team has the expertise and talent to provide customized chemical peel recommendations for each and every guest, you’ll receive a treatment that’s perfectly suited for your skin. Whether you’re facing aging skin, acne, rosacea, or any one of a variety of other skin concerns, our chemical peels can help you improve your complexion beyond your wildest dreams.

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels involve a highly specialized solution that we’ll apply to your skin, allowing it to sit for a designated amount of time. Depending on your desired depth of the peel, the treatment time will vary. However, most of our guests spend 5 minutes or less with the chemical solution on their skin before it is neutralized.

A synergistic blend of skin-safe chemicals gently removes the outermost layers of your skin, helping boost your skin’s natural healing process and the production of new skin cells. Old, damaged skin is shed, and fresh skin is revealed, with specific formulations provided to fit each guest’s individual needs, concerns, and goals. The face is the most popular target area for chemical peels, but you can also treat your neck, chest, and even your hands.

When you come to Focal Point Salon & Spa for a chemical peel, you’ll enjoy an excellent experience. Once we determine which chemical peel is the right fit for your skin, a team member will carefully apply it to your skin and allow it to absorb for the appropriate amount of time. You might experience a very subtle tingling sensation, but there is no pain or discomfort involved. We will then provide you with detailed aftercare information to ensure that you achieve optimal results.

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Chemical Peels

chemical peel

The Focal Point Chemical Peel Method

When you’re searching for chemical peels in Phoenix, it can be difficult to know who you can trust with your skin. At Focal Point Salon & Spa, you can be confident that you’re being treated by the very best in the industry. Our team is made up of highly-trained medical aestheticians who have extensive experience in the medical-grade chemical peels exclusive to Focal Point. Here, we’re dedicated to learning as much as possible about the latest innovations to provide you the very best chemical peels available.

Focal Point offers an outstanding selection of medical-grade chemical peels in Phoenix, giving you plenty of options for transforming your complexion and enjoying visible results with minimal downtime. Some of our most popular chemical peels include:

  • Smart Peel
  • Skinceuticals Peels
  • Vitalize Peel by Skin Medica

During your consultation, your aesthetician will ask you about your skin concerns and goal to determine which of our peels is the right fit for you. We take a completely customized approach to creating a treatment plan that suits your needs, so you can invest in the products and services that will deliver exactly the results you want.

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Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peel benefits are one of the biggest reasons that this innovative skin treatment has become so popular with celebrities, supermodels, and beauty influencers alike. With just one treatment, you’ll notice dramatic improvements in your skin; and after multiple treatments, it will be as if you’ve completely transformed your complexion.

It’s normal for your skin to become dull and lifeless over time, especially with sun exposure, pollutants, stress, and other factors working against you. Unfortunately, these elements put you on the fast track to premature aging and a complexion that’s seriously lackluster. But because a chemical peel helps you literally shed your old skin, it lets you reveal the fresh, bright skin beneath and start completely new.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a chemical peel that you’ll have to look forward to:

  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Decreased appearance of acne scarring
  • Minimized hyperpigmentation, including melasma
  • Targeted, customized treatment for pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines, texture, and more
  • Diminished signs of aging, including effective reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage

Some guests at the Focal Point Salon & Spa choose to maximize their results by combining chemical peels with one of our other skin treatments, such as microneedling, laser treatments, and injectables.

What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

Our guests are almost always stunned at the incredible changes in their skin – even right after the procedure is finished. Once your peel is complete, your skin will feel pleasantly tightened, with an incredible glow that makes you look like you’ve just returned from a relaxing tropical vacation.

After you get a chemical peel, a rich moisturizer and sun protectant will be applied. You may see immediate results, and you will also likely notice significant changes over the next several days. Mild redness and sensitivity are entirely normal, and your skin might look as if you’ve received a light sunburn.

One of the many benefits of getting a chemical peel is the minimal downtime, which averages between 3 and 7 days. For the first few days, you’ll be amazed at how much your skin is glowing. Around the fourth day, your treated skin will painlessly flake off and reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. Taking care of your skin after a peel is easy, and we’ll make sure you have the proper products to maximize your results.

About one week after our peel, you’ll come back to Focal Point for a follow-up. Even after your first treatment, you’ll be able to see a marked difference in concerns like rosacea, acne, and even scarring – and we know you’ll be excited to schedule your next peel.

Chemical Peels FAQs

How many chemical peels do you recommend?

Every guest is unique, which is why our skilled aestheticians focus on creating customized treatment plans to suit each person’s needs and goals. Typically, we’ll recommend that you start with a series of three chemical peels spaced about four weeks apart. Most guests will start with a light chemical peel and then progress to deeper ones, prepping the skin for future peels. After those first three peels, we’ll assess your skin and decide the best next steps for achieving your ideal results.

Are chemical peels painful?

If you’ve never experienced a chemical peel, you might be worried about the pain factor. But actually, chemical peels are actually very painless. During the procedure, you might experience some mild tingling, but many of our guests describe it as a refreshing, invigorating feeling – definitely not painful. As your skin peels over the next several days, the shedding doesn’t hurt at all.

Schedule Your Next Chemical Peel in Scottsdale at Focal Point Salon & Spa

When you’re searching for a trusted provider of chemical peels in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the rest of the valley, you want someone with the skill and expertise to deliver the incredible results you deserve. Other Phoenix spas and salons might cut corners when it comes to chemical peels, but at Focal Point Salon & Spa, you can be confident you’re treating your skin to the very best. Our medical aestheticians undergo constant training to stay updated on the newest techniques and peels, keeping you ahead of the latest skincare trends.

As one of the most effective ways to refresh and rejuvenate your skin without requiring invasive procedures, a chemical peel treatment can be the key to revealing the gorgeously bright, smooth, and healthy skin you’ve always hoped for. There’s no product or facial that can deliver quite the same level of results as a chemical peel – in fact, at Focal Point Salon & Spa, it’s easily one of our most in-demand treatments. Many of our guests make chemical peels a regular part of their skincare regimen, loving the baby-soft skin it helps them achieve.

Stop settling for the subpar results of your current skin care routine and reveal your skin’s true beauty with a professional chemical peel from Focal Point Salon & Spa.

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