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Whether your hairstyle of choice is a flirtatious pixie cut or long, lustrous locks, thinning hair can quickly cause your confidence to self-combust. We’ve all picked a handful of hair out of our hairbrush (or worse, clogged our shower drain), but serious hair loss can leave you with thin, lifeless locks and even bald spots.

But before you assume defeat and start shopping for wigs, you should know that thinning hair is completely treatable. Our expert team at Focal Point Salon & Spa can help if your hair growth rate has slowed to a snail’s pace or you’re shedding strands by the handful. With a wide range of solutions under one roof, we’ll make sure that you – and your hair – can live your best, most confident life.

How Does Hair Grow?

There are two parts to your hair, the hair follicle, and the hair shaft. The follicle keeps the hair anchored in your scalp, while the shaft is the visible part of each strand.

Your hair grows in three stages:

The anagen phase

In this phase, your hair is actively growing. Cells start dividing at a rapid-fire pace, creating new hair growth. Depending on your maximum hair length (which boils down to genetics, age, health, and other factors), your hair might continue growing up to 30 inches!

The catagen phase

In this phase, your hair stops growing. It’s cut off from the blood supply, staying in this transition period for 2 to 3 weeks on average.

The telogen phase

The final phase is kicked off by a resting period, where new hair starts to grow underneath the “old” strand. This takes about 3 months, and then the top strand will naturally fall out. Usually, up to 90 percent of your hair is busy growing (in the anagen phase), so you don’t have to worry about a ton falling out all at once.

What’s the story on scalp health?

It’s no secret that to have gorgeous, healthy hair, you must give your locks plenty of love – but what about your scalp? Most of us have never even considered scalp health in our mission for beautiful hair, but it turns out that it plays a much more significant role than you might imagine.

Your scalp is covered in thousands of tiny hair follicles, the key to the thickness, growth, and overall health of your hair. But when your scalp isn’t well-cared for, the follicles aren’t at their best either. The result? Hair growth that’s painfully slow or even non-existent.

Think of it this way: your scalp is like the foundation of a home. If the foundation isn’t properly cared for, the entire structure begins to crumble. The same is true for your hair – without excellent scalp health, hair growth will inevitably come to a near-halt. Investing in treatment for thinning hair before caring for your scalp is like buying a throw pillow when the foundation is caving in… pointless!

The Salon & Spa at Focal Point is the first Valley spa to offer innovative scalp treatments at our on-site Head Spa. We combine steam mist technology, tailored organic serums with scalp massage, shampoo and conditioning, an all-natural hair mask, and professional styling. You’ll leave our Phoenix salon feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with a nourished, expertly-treated scalp and flawlessly styled hair.


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How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

On average, you can expect to lose around 100 strands of hair each day. But before you start counting every strand you shed, look at it this way: are you noticing a shift in the volume or texture of your hair? Maybe you’re seeing more hair than normal go down the drain, or you could swear that your ponytail is showing off some new, strangely patchy spots. Whatever it is that clues you into increased hair loss, an effective treatment regimen can help stop the thinning in its tracks.

What Causes Thinning Hair or Hair Loss?

You might assume that thinning hair is something you won’t have to deal with until you’re old and gray – but it can hit you as early as your teens. There are plenty of reasons your hair might be falling out, including stress, autoimmune conditions, diet, depression, styling, hair dye, or even childbirth.

Are there ways to prevent it?

Depending on what’s causing your hair to thin, you might be able to prevent it simply by changing up your hair care routine. For example, if your hair is thinning due to overprocessing or excessive heat styling, there are simple steps to support recovery. However, if your hair loss comes down to hormonal issues, an autoimmune condition, or another concern, a professional course of treatment is often the only way to stop it.

What Treatments are Available for Hair Loss?

Realizing that you’re dealing with thinning hair can be both embarrassing and frightening – especially when beautiful hair is one of the ultimate symbols of femininity for many women. So, what helps female thinning hair in particular? Odds are, you won’t have much success with the random hair regeneration products made for many middle-aged men, mainly because the causes of female hair loss can be so uniquely diverse.

Instead, hair loss treatments for women should involve an expert evaluation of the “why” of your thinning hair. Treatments available for hair loss include follicle nutrient treatments (featuring PRP, growth factors, exosomes, and other proven methods), as well as at-home products. If your hair loss is due to hormonal imbalance, there’s good news – our age management specialists can solve that too. Because Focal Point focuses on the specific factors contributing to your hair loss, we can treat the issue at its root – literally! Your sad strands have a story to tell; you just need someone that knows how to read it.

What Can I Expect During My Initial Hair Loss Consultation?

During your hair loss consultation, we’ll conduct a thorough examination to reach a diagnosis. Your hair expert will collect a wealth of information to determine the best course of treatment from a microscopic exam to a scientific measurement of your hair mass. Instead of simply throwing products and treatment suggestions at you, we’ll create a personalized plan to help you achieve your healthiest hair.

Just like a personal trainer would set you up with a custom gym routine, our professionals will get your hair back in shape with a treatment approach that serves your specific needs.

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Get the Gorgeously Voluminous, Health Hair of Your Dreams at the Focal Point Salon & Spa

Hair loss is a surprisingly common issue, and knowing that you aren’t alone can be a small comfort. But the only way to truly tackle the problem is to partner with an experienced professional, like the ones waiting for you at Focal Point Salon & Spa.

Not only will you relish in the relaxing experience of a visit to our Valley salon, but your hair will also benefit from our highly-tailored approach and innovative treatments. We’ll make sure that you leave feeling beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world – all with supermodel-worthy locks, of course!

Start putting thinning hair behind you now by scheduling an appointment at Focal Point Salon & Spa today.

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