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AdvaTx Laser Treatment for Melasma

Sun Spots? Age Spots? Oh no!!! You see these dark spots starting to show up one day & now you want to get rid of them. Melasma is a skin condition characterized by brown or blue-gray patches or freckle-like spots. They typically show up in areas that have been exposed to sun over the years. Research tells you to use Hydroquinone, different over the counter skin cleaners, & even chemical peels, all of which may not show any progress on the areas of concern. Frustration can set in since you may want to wear less make up but you need it to cover the spots. Adding laser treatments could help eliminate these spots and give you a major confidence boost.

Commonly affected areas include your face, including the cheeks, upper lip, & forehead, as well as the forearms. Melasma is sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy” because it frequently affects pregnant women. Melasma typically darkens & lightens over time, often getting worse in the summer & better in the winter.

Melasma is a difficult condition to live with because the symptoms are so noticeable. Laser therapy won’t replace your standard treatment plan, but adding it can make a big difference in your appearance & self-esteem.

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a disorder of the pigment producing cells in our skin called melanocytes. Melanocytes are called dendritic cells & resemble what we might think of as an octopus shape with a central body & long tentacles or finger stretching out from the central body. These tentacles or fingers of the melanocytes deposit pigment or melanin into the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis. This discoloration is caused by overproduction of pigment in the skin that is stimulated by certain triggers, such as sun exposure, hormones, and/or skin irritation.

Melasma is most commonly seen on the face, but in rare cases can occur on other sun-exposed areas. About 90% of affected individuals are women & is common in individuals with darker skin tones. Melasma has also shown to be hereditary in some cases. Even though Melasma does not cause symptoms, treatment is often desired for aesthetic reasons. It is still not known why certain areas of the face are predisposed to developing Melasma while others are not involved. Hormone receptors, blood vessels, stem cell factors, & cutaneous nerves may play a role.

Face with open pores and melasma before and after make up or treatment concept.

Melasma B&A

How is Melasma Caused

When we live in the “Valley of the Sun”, our skin is exposed to the sun more than most other areas of the United States. Sun exposure, hormones, & skin irritations are the most common triggers for Melasma. This includes UVA and UVB light absorbed by unprotected skin. Hormones can trigger Melasma in both women & men. The most common hormonal change in women that triggers Melasma is pregnancy. In fact, Melasma is commonly referred to as “the mask of pregnancy.” Menopause, hormonal contraceptives, & hormone therapies can also aggravate Melasma.

Skin irritation or inflammation may also trigger Melasma. Irritating topicals, such as harsh soaps or cosmetic topicals, can cause inflammation in the skin that induces pigment production.

Treatment Options for Melasma

Our team of professionals at Focal Point creates individual treatment plans based on medical history and lifestyle. Our goal is to educate each guest on all the potential options from Chemical Peels to our cutting edge laser technology AdvaTx.

Chemical Peels

Focal Point offers a variety of medical-grade chemical peels from SkinMedica, Skinceuticals, & TCA. The provider will review each peel & recommend the peel that is best suited for your goals and skin.

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AdvaTx Laser Treatments

Focal Point offers the latest cutting edge AdvaTx laser treatment to deliver energy that will change the molecular structure of the melanin. As a matter of fact, all the melanin that was there before the Melasma treatment is still there after the treatment. The laser is breaking up the discolored melanin which results to the elimination of the darker colored pigmentation.

The treatment generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes & there is little to no pain involved. The provider will ensure safety & provide you with the most comfortable treatment while working to achieve your desired results. The Melasma will actually appear a little bit darker than before the treatment because once the molecular structure of the melanin has been altered, it reflects light differently at the surface of the skin.

After Treatment Care

Each guest will be provided post care therapy instructions for optimal results. Proper sun protection will be recommended, including daily use of a facial moisturizer with SPF 30. When outdoors, a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 should be worn. Focal Point offers medical grade products from SkinMedia & Skinceuticals. Sun protective clothing, like a wide brimmed hat, should also be used to maximize sun protection.

When Will You See Results

With most vascular treatments you will see a change within the first 24 hours, but multiple treatments are required for optimal results. Most need several treatments in order to get optimal results. The exact number of treatments depends on several things, including the severity of the Melasma, with typical treatment ranges from three to six spaced out every one to two weeks.

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