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Head Spa - The Facial for your Scalp

Focal Point's Head Spa is the first Head Spa in Arizona AND the first in the Country to combine both Cosmetology & Medical Aesthetics to optimize scalp health & hair regrowth. Our organic sessions are designed to analyze the scalp & hair with a microscope. Then by using steam mist technology, we are able to stimulate the scalp to allow active ingredients to be absorbed to help repair any damage, all while allowing you to find internal balance. Results can vary.

Step 1: Guest Consultation

Professionally trained technicians use cutting-edge technology to analyze the scalp and hair with a microscopic device to diagnose and develop the proper treatment.

Scalp Massage

Step 2: Detoxify & Purify Treatment

Using steam technology and organic serums, the treatment will focus on the following:

  • Removal of toxic buildup on the scalp and hair roots
  • Soothing organic remedies for dry or oily scalp
  • Clarifies multiple causing factors of dandruff
  • Regeneration of healthy hair follicles

Step 3: Scalp Massage

Using traditional Japanese methods, the relaxing massage will help release any stress and increase circulation of the lymphatic system. This is done by focusing on key pressure points on the scalp and neck areas.

Shampoo Condition

Step 4: Shampoo & Conditioning

Products are selected based on the guests scalp and hair needs

Organic Hair Mask

Step 5: Organic Hair Mask

100% biodynamic plant-based hair treatments nourish the scalp to provide key components for health and rebuilding.

Analyze and Blod Dry

Step 6: Analyze & Blowdry

Each guest will have their scalp and hair re-analyzed at the end of the treatment to review the progression and to do any final touches, such as a blowout.

Steam Treatment

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Results can vary.
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