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Maybe you’ve heard of having a “hot girl summer,” – but when you’re talking about a “hot hair summer,” the effect just isn’t the same. 

Bad jokes aside, the summer season can pose a real problem for the health of your hair. Whether you usually have long, lustrous locks or you’ve always struggled with your strands, summertime can leave you facing more bad hair days than good. 

We’re diving into the deep end of summer hair issues, covering the most common causes of hair loss and damage during the warmer months. Think of us as the lifeguard that’s going to rescue you from thin hair, frizz, breakage, bald spots, and more. Not only are we going to find out why your hair is freaking out this summer, but we’ll also talk about the solutions you need to get back into the good hair game.

What Causes Hair Loss and Damage During Summer?

Once summer arrives, you might notice your hair shedding more than it normally does. Or, if your hair is normally pretty healthy, it might seem to take a turn for the worse once the season changes – maybe it’s extra dry, dull, or damaged. 

As it turns out, you’re not just imagining these problems with your hair during the summer. In fact, there’s plenty of research to back up what you’ve probably already suspected: summer comes with plenty of problems for hair health. From how you wear your ponytail to your weekends by the pool, you’re probably wreaking some serious havoc on your hair without even realizing it. 

Here are some of the most common factors that could be contributing to your summer hair loss or hair health issues:

Pool and ocean water

You don’t have to be a hair loss expert to know that chlorine is terrible for your hair, but you might not realize just how much it can affect your hair health. All hair types are susceptible to chlorine, not just blondes (contrary to common belief). Chlorine is basically a form of bleach, so you’re literally soaking your hair in bleach water every minute that it’s sitting in pool water – yikes.

And before you book it to the nearest beach (or a saltwater pool), you should know that it’s barely a better option. The salt in the water dries out your hair, fades your color, and can leave you dealing with the effects long after your vacation is over.

Sun exposure and damage

It’s not just your skin that can get a sunburn; the sun is just as harmful to your hair. But unlike your skin, your hair can’t repair itself – so once it’s been sun-damaged, that’s it. Especially if you have a lighter shade of hair or regularly color or chemically process your hair, you’re at a high risk of damage from the sun’s UV rays. 

In addition to causing breakage (and, as a result, hair thinning), sun exposure can also force your color to fade much faster. 


If this is your first Arizona summer, we might have some bad news for you: you might think you know hot, but summertime in the desert is hot. And sure, it’s a “dry heat,” but that won’t save your strands. 

Think of all the everyday styling you do that involves heated tools, from blow-drying to curling or flat-ironing. Then, factor in the addition of the hot summer sun, and you’ll quickly see why heat damage can reach new levels during summertime. 


It’s easy to assume that if too much heat is bad for your hair, then staying cool indoors is a safe bet, right? Wrong. Air-conditioning dries out your hair, which can speed up breakage, thinning, and changes in hair density/texture. 


When you’re sweating it out during summer, you probably don’t hesitate to throw your hair up in a ponytail or a top bun. But all those plastic hair ties contribute to your split ends, thinning hair, and other signs of hair stress. And even if you use high-quality ties, sticking with the same style – like a high ponytail every day – can lead to bald spots and other issues.

How to Restore Your Hair Health

Obviously, some of the easiest ways to avoid summer hair loss and damage involve avoiding some of the many sources of damage. 

For example, you could:

  • Minimize heat styling to offset the hotter temperatures outside
  • Wear a hat or a lightweight scarf to protect your hair from destructive UV rays
  • Keep your hair out of chlorinated water, and use leave-in conditioned to prep hair before exposure to chlorine
  • Search for hair products with UV blockers
  • Cover your hair with a towel when you’re in a tanning bed
  • Don’t use poorly-made hair ties
  • Be careful placing your sunglasses on top of your head to avoid breakage
  • Use at-home products such as conditioning hair masks for repair

But when about when the damage has already been done? For plenty of people dealing with summer hair loss or changes in their hair health, prevention is in the past – now, the focus is on fixing the current damage or hair loss problem.

If you’re dealing with serious hair shedding or other issues, don’t assume that you have to say goodbye to summer fun. Thanks to the latest advancements in hair restoration and regeneration for both men and women, there are more options than ever to get your hair looking better than ever. And best of all, you can find them all at Focal Point Salon & Spa.

Follicle Nutrient Treatments

Hair follicles are the unsung heroes of healthy, beautiful hair. In fact, most people don’t think twice about their follicles, even once they’re dealing with shedding, thinning, and serious hair loss.

However, many hair problems can be resolved with a little hair follicle TLC. Follicle nutrient treatments can be the boost your hair needs to overcome summertime stress. Using Omni Growth Factors, exosomes, or PRP (platelet-rich plasma), the treatments are a way to “power up” the hair growth phase by supporting your hair follicles. 


You’ve heard about microneedling your skin, but what about microneedling for hair regeneration? As it turns out, the treatment helps strengthen the natural healing and regeneration process needed for hair growth. And when combined with Omni Growth Factors, it’s a one-two punch to seasonal hair loss. 

Head Spa

Focal Point is home to the first and only head spa in Arizona, a one-of-a-kind space where you can treat hair issues at the root (literally). Our Head Spa provides treatments to cleanse, condition, heal, and treat the scalp and hair follicles, increasing blood flow, healthy oil production, and more. Your hair specialist can enhance treatments with customized hair care products for results that you’re sure to love.

Heal Your Hair for Your Sexiest Summer Yet

Summer should be the season to rock next-level confidence, but that’s virtually impossible if you’re dealing with hair that’s thinning, damaged, or even just falling flat. Don’t miss out on everything that summer has to offer, especially not when hair regeneration and better hair health is within easy reach.

At Focal Point Salon & Spa, we’ve developed a customized approach to hair regen in Phoenix. Each of our guests goes through a consultation process, enabling us to create personalized plans for achieving the best possible results. Our team of hair experts will help you determine what’s causing your hair loss or other issues; then, we’ll tackle the source of the problem. 

We’re the only Phoenix hair regeneration provider that can offer so much more than hair restoration – here; you can receive a broad range of hair restoration treatments, scalp treatments and therapies, vitamin IV infusions, and take-home products for daily support. Your results can be faster, better, and longer-lasting… Why would you go anywhere else?

Don’t waste another moment of your summer (or your life) living without the confidence you deserve. Contact Focal Point Salon & Spa to schedule your consultation for hair restoration in Phoenix today!

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