Why is Venus Versa Good for Acne Treatments?


Although it is a common problem throughout adolescence and often into adulthood, persistent acne can be bothersome, embarrassing, and sometimes painful. Modern acne treatment options―from customized facials to chemical peels to Venus Versa targeted light technologies―can transform unwanted skin conditions into long-term healthier skin. Whether you are interested in the Venus Versa acne treatment or want to explore other options, such as chemical peels or customized facials, an experienced technician at a high-quality salon and spa can help you take the first steps toward the skin of your dreams.

What Causes Chronic Acne?

Compounding factors typically cause acne. Pores can become clogged due to an overproduction of oil by the glands, but the oil overproduction can be caused by genetic, dietary, allergy or other environmental or lifestyle components. Bacteria is present on the skin at all times, but certain bacteria can cause additional inflammation to already irritated skin, leading to the visual aspects associated with acne. Although some individuals are more prone to acne outbreaks due to genetics, treatment options are still possible.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

For many people, the first line of defense against acne is in the form of face washes and specialized medicinal acne treatment. Special creams and topical ointments can relieve surface symptoms temporarily, but for a more in-depth treatment, many individuals turn to therapies that will penetrate the surface of the skin and treat the pores and inflammation from the inside. In extreme cases, a consultation with a physician might be needed, but in many cases, relief can be found with more conservative treatment under the care of a qualified esthetician in a spa setting.

  • Facials to remove dead skin buildup, reduce surface bacteria and clean out pores
  • Chemical peels to assist with skin tone improvement and encourage cell turnover
  • Advanced pulse light technology like Venus Versa acne treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin

What is Venus Versa Treatment?

Advanced technology in the form of pulsed light treatments has created a fast and effective solution to acne problems. Venus Versa, specifically, provides a dual blue and red lights that serve separate purposes during treatment. For reduction in acne inflammation, the red pulsed light targets inflamed areas to enhance healing. The blue pulsed light focuses on the negative bacteria that is growing within the oil glands, destroying it and reducing further contamination. This combination of pulsed light therapy takes the treatment of acne to a new level.

Who is an Ideal Venus Versa Treatment Candidate?

Pulsed light treatments are most effective under the ideal set of circumstances, so it is important to ask questions about your compatibility before committing to treatment. By scheduling a consultation, your skin can be examined, and the suitability for therapy can be determined. Anything that alters the color or condition of the skin in the intended treatment areas might render the pulsed light less effective, including tattoos, scars, permanent makeup, or darker pigmentation. The treatment is intended for acne, so if the therapy area is affected by other skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, it might not be appropriate to try a pulsed light. Pregnancy, cancer and other medical conditions might also rule out the process.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Acne is a common condition, and you might have already tried numerous treatment options, but that does not mean other options are not available. Regular detoxifying facials, chemical peels or pulsed light treatments are all viable options for most individuals looking for more advanced ways to treat ongoing acne problems. If you have any questions about the Venus Versa acne treatment process or would like to schedule a skin consultation, contact Focal Point Salon and Spa to set up an appointment today!

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