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Bikini, Physique & Fitness Body Competitors get the “Edge” with New Progressive Services
Physique & Fitness competitions have evolved into much more than just visiting the gym and getting a tan. Nutrition, esthetics including body and face beautification, hairstyle, and overall health and wellness, are just some of the additional strategies competitors are looking for to get the edge on competition day.


If you have not heard of Physique & Fitness or Figure competitions, you are likely aware of their successors or bodybuilding and bikini contests. These types of competitions have been around for a long time and training for them was relatively simple and one dimensional: lift intensely, lose the fat, and put oil on your body.

Physique & Fitness, as well as Figure competitions, have evolved from these types of events, however, now these revolutionary competitions combine the best of fitness and muscle physique with much more such as nutrition, health, and wellness. The other missing components, up until recently, have been esthetics and body beautifying.

Competitors now have to do more than the traditional working out with weights and eating right. Implementing esthetics of the skin and body or hair color and cut can be equally as important, and Focal Point Salon & Spa of Scottsdale gets this when it comes to getting the added edge needed to differentiate oneself from the others.

From first-hand experience, Focal Point knows what they are doing to help their clientele compete. Many of the staff have been in the Physique & Fitness industry for years and have even competed on a professional level. They know what it takes to be stage ready. The care that is put into skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, hair removal, and acne treatments are top notch and it can make the difference. They also have certified cosmetic nurse injectors to take care of fine lines and wrinkles with Botox or Dysport and they can add volume to cheeks and lips with an array of Dermal Fillers.

According to Michelle, the owner of Focal Point, “The staff at Focal Point will always go the extra mile to make sure their guests look their absolute best on competition day.” Before and after photos can sometimes provide astonishing proof.

With actual results word travels fast, increasing demand and customer feedback. Out of this demand and feedback, Focal Point recently made the decision to provide memberships called “Get the Edge”. The monthly membership comes with discounted basic essentials, which includes Competition Hair, Makeup, and Tanning. They also offer services such as facials, dermaplane, eyelash extensions, injectables and so much more. Simply put, they assist the contestant with being the best they can possibly be and judges do take notice.

In this fast-growing industry, fashion, and even energy boosting shots is now starting to be the new norm, thanks to this experienced, upscale Scottsdale Spa Company.

Michelle says, “we realize from first-hand experience of being in the competition industry and the beauty business, that it’s truly the “edge” needed for them to be their absolute best.”

Focal Point is the new game changer in this highly competitive, beauty body marketplace, where getting your edge by looking great can make all the difference with a judge, or maybe as important, ones own self-confidence.

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