How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal?


Shaving, waxing, hair removal creams; no matter which one you use to get rid of unwanted hair, it’s a never-ending chore. And when a surprise pool party or special event comes around? Nothing ruins the fun like the embarrassment of prickly hair regrowth or razor burn that you didn’t have the time to tackle. 

But thanks to laser hair removal, you can finally be silky smooth in all the right places forever – well, almost forever, anyway. Plenty of providers tout permanent laser hair removal as a one-and-done treatment, but it’s not quite that simple. 

For anyone that’s thinking about investing in laser hair removal treatments, it’s easy to believe that you’ll be flawlessly hair-free for the rest of time. After all, isn’t that the point? It’s a common misconception that laser hair removal is permanent. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on enjoying the convenience and confidence that comes from supermodel-smooth skin, and you don’t have to settle for shaving or waxing for your entire life. 

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about how long laser hair removal lasts and why it’s still your best bet for saying goodbye to unwanted hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Before we can answer the million-dollar question (“Is laser hair removal permanent forever?”), it’s important to understand the basics of laser hair removal. 

Using a beam of light, your technician will treat each hair in the target area. The pigment (melanin) in the hair absorbs the light, which then converts to heat and eliminates the hair down to the root. At the same time, the hair growth center in each follicle is destroyed – so you can forget about that tiny hair coming back.

Focal Point Salon & Spa, our highly-skilled technicians use advanced laser hair removal methods, so you can opt for a full-body treatment or target one or more of the following areas:

    • Legs
    • Underarms and arms
    • Bikini area
    • Back
    • Chest
    • Face (including the lip/chin area)

How many Laser Hair Removal Treatments does it Take to Permanently Remove Hair?

For most people, 6-8 treatments are ideal (though each guest is unique). 

How Successful is Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal, the treatment is generally extremely successful – so feel free to toss your razor! The process makes such a dramatic improvement in hair growth that most people stop shaving and waxing altogether. 

Imagine how much time and money you’ll save, once you don’t have to buy razors, shaving cream, wax treatments, or hair removal cream! No more rushed shaving sessions before a day at the pool, no more forgetting to pack razors for a beach getaway, and definitely no more awkward moments when your date encounters a spiky spot you missed. When you weigh the benefits of laser hair removal, including the confidence and freedom of spontaneity you gain, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. 

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Now, to the information you came here for: will hair grow back after laser hair removal? 

Technically, the answer is yes – you might have a few stragglers show up after you’ve completed treatment. But you definitely won’t come close to the amount of hair you had pre-treatment, because laser hair removal is effective in eliminating about 90 percent of hair for most people. 

Depending on the person, quick maintenance sessions may be needed after an extended time (we’re talking at least a year or so!). Usually taking just 15 minutes or less, these sessions will make sure that any sneaky stubble is gone. But for others, the tiny amount of regrowth isn’t even noticeable, and they enjoy lifelong results.

Get Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix at Focal Point Salon & Spa

No matter how much you shave or wax, perfectly smooth skin never seems to last long – and unwanted hair always pops up at the worst time. But once you make the switch to laser hair removal, you can finally break free from that annoying cycle. 

Focal Point Salon & Spa provides professional laser hair removal treatments in Phoenix, matching each guest with one of our hair removal experts for a completely personalized experience. Our salon is comfortable, stylish, and welcoming, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself actually looking forward to appointments. Plus, with so many other incredible treatments to try at Focal Point Salon & Spa, our Phoenix laser hair removal guests usually end up becoming regulars!

Stop wasting money on shaving cream, razors, waxing sessions, and chemical-laden hair removal creams – none of those really work that well, anyway. Instead, enjoy the spontaneous, confident life you’ve always wanted by booking your first laser hair removal appointment at Focal Point Salon & Spa today.

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