5 Tips for Choosing the Best Med Spa


In 2018, we’ll see an even greater focus on Medical Spas and beauty treatments. Medical Spas also know as Med Spas, have become a billion dollar a year industry. Because the industry offers clients minimally invasive medical procedures in a relaxed, spa-like environment instead of having to go to a doctor’s office, Med Spas have become the choice for many. Trendy and chic spas have been opening up all across the country.

The Med Spa concept is the natural blending of advanced skin care with the body and facial rejuvenation services in the relaxing atmosphere and convenience of a day spa. Before Med Spas, the only access to these body and facial rejuvenation services was through a doctor’s office. All spas offer spa services like massage, body treatments, and facials.
Medical Spas specialize in procedures like laser treatments and very popular injectables. Lasers treatments address a variety of conditions, including unwanted hair (laser hair removal), uneven pigmentation, and broken capillaries or spider veins. The Med Spas offer the latest in technology along with natural skin treatment options.
It’s important to do your research and make sure you find the right Med Spa that accomplishes your objectives while giving you a great experience.

The Golden Rule of Five
When you ask some of the experts including people who underwrite and ensure the industry, you will find that there are 5 things to look for in a Med Spa. Below are a few points that you should keep in mind when selecting your ideal Spa.

1. The Spa should have all licenses, insurance, and professional workers. According to (PPIB), an underwriter for insurance of Spas – “The medical spa industry has been enjoying an explosive growth in both popularity and the number of spas now in operation. This huge growth has led Med Spas to now seek insurance for their service needs. Taking into consideration the many services that are provided such as Injectables and Weight Loss, Wellness as well as Day Spa treatments, need Medi Spa coverage”. Bottom line is this; don’t be afraid to ask if your Spa is insured!

2. Estheticians should ask about your home skin-care routine and offer suggestions but should not make you feel pressured to buying products– a comfortable and neutral environment is essential for you to fully take pleasure from your Spa experience. This said some of the best options for products should be at your med spa.

3. Before you book a treatment, you can ask to take a tour to make sure the Spa is clean, pleasant and sanitary and most of all that it gives you the feeling you are looking for… so explore your options!

4. The easiest way you can tell if you’re going to have a good Spa experience is to observe how customers are treated. Go to a Med Spa, and get a feel for the atmosphere. It’s similar to getting references.

5. If during one of your procedures things don’t work out the way they should while being at your Spa, remember you can always discuss this with a professional and reliable Med Spa, to get things right.

Focal Point Spa & Salon is taking Med Spa’s to an entirely new level by adding other beauty and wellness services, making it a convenient all in one beauty and wellness spa. Salon services including cut and color, along with natural energy B-12 shots to Men’s Wellness are just some of the great add-on services you won’t find at most other Med Spas.

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